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Alf "Alfgus Romeo" Holme

Lead guitar - Alf "Alfgus Romeo" Holme

Brought up on oat-pancakes and home-grown cow’s milk in a small settlement on the west coast of Norway, Alfgus is a Duracell bunny on stage and lives life by his motto: «I’m going in, back me up!»

Alf bought his first AC/DC-collection on audio tape, a collection his younger brother inherited as Alf upgraded to vinyl records. When he is not shepherding his guitar, Alf rocks the "mad scientist" look at a university lab.

  • Age: Thirtysomething
  • Dress code: Shorts and a school bag
  • Food: Boiled mince with Uncle Ben’s Sweet’n Sour, crisps and rice.
  • Drink: Preferably whiskey. Smokey and straight up.
  • Bands: Wolfram, Bon Scotch, Sailon, and some weirder private acts.

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