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Anders "Amazon" Rozzeboe

Rhythm guitar - Anders "Amazon" Rozzeboe

Anders was picked up from a bus stop along the highway, where he was found clutching badger roadkill. He was soon adopted as Boogie Talkum’s stand-in (after the latter had a mysterious run-in with the dark side during a late-night fishing trip).

Amazon is a fairly steady rider, both in his private life and on stage, and embodies the ferocity and insanity of tinned sausages! He is the proud owner of at least ten blue-coloured suits, and disorganises his spice jars for laughs! In his spare time, Anders enjoys folding plastic bags and placing them neatly in the bottom drawer.

  • Age: Close to thirty
  • Dress code: A cotton shirt and pressed trousers
  • Food: Service station sandwiches and other fast foods
  • Drink: Kilkenny, Guinness and Erdinger. In that order.
  • Bands: Wolfram, Bon Scotch, Pelsjegerne and Sildakongen & The Flasse-Jazzers.

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