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Magnus "Dark Higains" Røyrvik

Bass, Class A and E - Magnus "Dark Higains" Røyrvik

A large, mysterious bass guitar player on the far left hand side of the stage, Magnus has the demeanour of an eighteen-wheeler! His most important function is to transform musical compositions into a brutal and hard-hitting set. As a rule, Magnus refuses to let go of the A chord until he receives a soft blow to the head, at which point he may chose to switch to an E.

This fanatic enjoys spending countless hours in front of his big-screen TV, watching anything sports related. In addition, he enjoys women and sour cream- and strawberry jam waffles. He also teaches middle school and college.

  • Age: Almost thirty
  • Dress code: A shirt and some serious builder's bum
  • Food: Kompara/Knödel (Mum's potato dumplings)
  • Drink: BEER, Coke and coffee
  • Bands: Same as most of the other guys here. But different.

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