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Bon/Scotch The Band

Bon Scotch (formerly known as «Sit on This») was formed during very questionable circumstances towards the end of a fifth bottle of whiskey. Coincidentally, this is not too different from the way our Swedish brother band AB/CD was formed.

For a long time, three of the initial band members had been discussing the idea of starting up their own cover band. These three were Alfgus Romeo, Drill Master and Brown Scotch. Due to the serious and rather viscous nature of the musicians’ current projects at the time, Bon Scotch became a much needed humorous distraction. At the same time, the band members found it particularly important to praise Bon Scott, a character that was extremely important for the success of AC/DC. Hence, the set list of Bon Scotch only contains songs from the Scott era (1970s).

So it was, at the end of a chilly November night in 2006 that the plans were laid on the table…

Alfgus Romeo rose from his chair and preached the following words: "I think the time has come for us to put on our school uniforms and get our arses out on the road!"

Drill Screwed announced "Dammit, it’s about time to have some fuckin’ fun" and that he was ready as a fried egg to take responsibility for the buckets and lids.

Brown Scotch slammed his fist to the table and shouted: "Let’s fuckin’ do it!!!"

Bass player (and first cousin to Alfgus Romeo) Dark Higains emitted a sleepy glance from the sofa and mumbled: "So, I guess you want me to pick up the bass and keep you guys going steady?". Indeed - he was absolutely right!

The late Mr. Scott himself could not have stopped the starry eyed, power hungry, Ardbeg-clenching quartet from happily bawling AC/DC classics for the remainder of the night.

Bon Scotch's mission was first and foremost to recreate that great sound of the 70s. A raw and uncut sound few others than AC/DC were able to deliver at the time. Since both Alfgus and Scotch had been die-hard fans of AC/DC since their teens, it felt natural to move in that direction. The only problem now, it seemed, was the lack of perhaps the most important element of them all; a magnificently steady rhythm guitarist. This was an absolute necessity in order to recreate the fierce and charismatic sound which had originated during the mother band’s glory days.

For a few weeks, the guys were in slight despair, worrying how to overcome this latest obstacle. Money and fame were within sight, but without a rhythm guitarist they could get no closer. Then, at one of Garage’s Sunday jam sessions, he appeared. Alone on stage stood a man, hunched over, cowboy stance perfected. He rocked old Chuck Berry hits like nobody’s business, his hardcore image simply enhanced by the cig sitting loosely in the corner of his mouth. As soon as he had finished his set and jumped off stage, the guys caught up with him, and put simply: Boogie Bjørn Talkum was born and ready to suit up as Malcolm.

Finally, having completed the line up, the lamest cover band in history was born!

"Bon Voyage"
Bon Voyage

as Bon Scott More info to come

Magnus "Dark Higains" Røyrvik
Magnus "Dark Higains" Røyrvik

as Mark Evans /
Cliff Williams
Bass, class A und E Read more about
Dark Higains...

Gregor "McGregor" Campbell
Gregor McGregor Campbell

as Mr. Long Way Bagpipe More info to come

Ben "Hellfire" Helland
Ben "Hellfire" Helland

as Mark Evans /
Cliff Williams
Bass, class A, C, D & C More info to come

Former members:

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